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K to 12 programs: Implementation is it worth it or Burden Essay

To begin with, what does Education intends to you? In the word reference, it is characterized as the demonstration or experience that formatively affects the brain, character, or physical capacity of a person. In its specialized sense instruction is the procedure by which society purposely transmit it’s amass information, ability and qualities starting with one age then onto the next. In my own words, Education is the way toward learning by which the information, character and conduct are delivered and altered. In this paper, I will confer upon my perusers my assessment of what instruction intends to me. My training given to me by my evaluation school was one which furnished me with adequate ability about scholastics exhibitions anyway I have tough time in math, knowing my own constraint in scholastics causes me to understand that I should develop more. As time passes by, our instruction improves. The DepED inferred new educational program. This is the K to 12 projects. Under this educational plan there will be extra 2-years in optional level. Is the K to 12 educational plans â€Å"worth it†? In my perspective it is justified, despite all the trouble. Why? Since it causes all the understudies to get familiar with enterprise and occupation business and our nation will turn out to be all around serious. The K to 12 educational plans will be adequate to get ready understudies for work and this is the improvement of our training framework and our economy. Furthermore, the beneficial thing in this educational program is the point at which you are graduated in this educational plan you can quickly work without proceeding with school yet you can’t have a degree however on the off chance that choose to proceed with school it is better since you can have an unrivaled work and have a degree. While then again, it is â€Å"Burden†. Well they express that this K to 12 educational programs is an extra weight to the guardians specific when they are having lacking in cash sending their kids in schools. Obviously the entirety of the guardians want to send their kids to have excellent instruction yet in different cases in view of destitution their alternative is to not teach them. All in all, the K to 12 educational programs is justified, despite all the trouble neither it a weight. Without question, training can influence one’s future. It is obviously that through instruction, we can seek after our fantasy and aspiration throughout everyday life. The decision is in our grasp. We should outfit ourselves with bounty information so as to be fruitful throughout everyday life. It is relying upon us what will be our future; training is only a device to arrive at our aspiration throughout everyday life. The work is still in our grasp. Furthermore, instruction is the best blessing you could everâ receive, on the grounds that once you have it, nobody can ever take it. I accept this comprehension of the DepED will be an opportunity of a lifetime to accomplish our target throughout everyday life. I have come to believe that the K to 12 educational plans is a splendid task however the inquiry is â€Å"Will the K to 12 projects encourage the understudies planning to seek after a higher education†. A relationship resembles a rose, To what extent it keeps going, nobody knows; Love can delete a terrible past, Love can be yours, you’ll see finally; To feel that adoration, it makes you murmur, To have it leave, you’d rather kick the bucket; You trust you’ve found that uncommon rose, ‘Cause you love and care for the one you picked.

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The Olympic Games Employment Opportunities

The Olympic Games Employment Opportunities The essential target of this exposition was to discover the financial advantages and effects of the London 2012 Olympics for London since advancement and recovery started in 2007. In that capacity, this thesis planned to distinguish the related points of interest and any negative effect of being the host of an Olympiad, yet at this phase of the examination made no conjecture about the size of effect. Subsequently while the thesis advances there will be contentions, investigation and assessments to build up whether there is reasonable reason for the UK government and LOCOG burning through billions on an irregular occasion, all for the sake of helping social government assistance and monetary headway. This exposition at first gave a diagram of both prior and proceeding with research to help the conversation around parts of inheritance and financial development since 2005 predictable with the contention of Veal and Frawley (2009). Drawing on the exercises from past Games, this thesis will likewise concentrate on the three stage monetary advantages of the London 2012 Olympics. Building up the effect of the Olympics on occupants and kinsmen the same was another point in the thesis. For this exposition this request was completed in type of a review. The outcomes uncovered a lot, right off the bat it indicated that the more youthful age discovered motivation from the games with 71% of respondents expressing they would participate in some type of game and exercise. Moreover the outcomes additionally demonstrated the greater part of the respondents were uncertain whether the games were an incentive for cash this reverberates with the musings of Dennis (2012). The most bewildering disclos ure was that 66% of the respondents accepted the games were uplifting, enthralling and additionally worth all the expense. The paper exposed that the London 2012 games are all the more socially and financially useful at the pre-game and games year however these advantages and effects are not relatively apparent somewhere else in the UK. The post-game stage examination indicated that there was incredible vulnerability as to financial development and heritage of Olympics, with Greece 2004 a case of when things turn out badly. Regardless of this, there is still space for additional exploration on the social effects of Olympic Games. Section 1: INTRODUCTION The Olympic Games creates heaps of eagerness and incredible desires. More than essentially a game, facilitating the best show on earth is seen by some as a once in a blue moon chance to give new foundation and convey advantages to nearby inhabitants and networks. (Energy et al, 2004) From when Pierre de Coubertin, established the cutting edge Olympics in the late nineteenth century, urban areas and nations have looked to rethink themselves by arranging the Olympic Games. To the host nation, the games offers worldwide presentation and universes enthusiasm for its social riches, making openings for work during and after the games, pulling in incomes from the travel industry, and motivation for the country. Remembered for this quest for Olympic brilliance was the Great Britain. After three sequential bombed offers, the Olympics were at long last granted to London on the fifth of July 2005. The idealism and enthusiasm towards the London 2012 undertaking from the offer group became irresistible spreading over a country that was a lot of motivated and hopeful. Regardless of this, when Londons name was pulled out the notorious cap, pundits like Gross (2012) and Dennis (2012) drove the incomparable Olympic probe in the years after the offer was won. Net (2012) portraying the offering procedure of London 2012 as an overwhelming and regularly absurd crusade, that went with itself with a  £11.5bn tab. He said the genuine degree of subsidizing has been covered up, the procedure is not really straightforward? Anyway prior in 2005 it became evident that the financing would be from both people in general and private segments. As indicated by the Olympic Delivery Authority (ODA) (2005) a  £2bn finance originating from London Olympic Committee Organizing the Games (LOCOG) was accumulated from the private segment through a blend of sponsorship, marketing, ticketing and communicate rights. The ODA (2005) spending which provided food recovery and framework ventures was from the open area, the subsidizing was the breakdown was as per the following; 63.3% from Central Government 23.3% from National Lottery 13.4% from the Mayor of London and the London Development Agency Extra analysis radiated from the France 2012 offering group, they showed that Londons offer depended on guarantees not connected to the real world (Molds, 2009) as they accepted the spending plan was cut excessively low. Monroe (2007) was in understanding in the wake of investigating Olympic financial plans of the previous four Olympics, she also said the spending plan was aspiring without a doubt. An atmosphere of vindication occured for the pundits as it became exposed that the London 2012 Olympics financial plan was not going to design. The Olympic spending plan took off from  £2.4bn to  £9.3bn in 2008, leaving just  £475m in the possibility support (BBC, 2012). In any case, LOCOG and ODA expressed this was not trivial spending but instead an unfortunate obligation. The Games were focused as an improvement for social turn of events and financial development close by being a stage change in the change of the East End of London. In essence offering for the Olympics is a determ ined hazard that can either go to gold or leave the hosts in the beginning squares. Progressively identified with the extent of my investigation, is the financial commitment of an Olympics and the post games inheritance. Finding out this will be finished by investigating the efficient, geological and social ramifications for London as the host of the 2012 Olympics. The purpose behind the emphasis on London is in accordance with the Barton (2004) report that featured that for huge economies, for example, the United States and United Kingdom, the financial effect of facilitating major games seems, by all accounts, to be progressively noteworthy basically at the nearby or provincial level, less effects found in urban areas past the Olympic Hubs. What is additionally imperative is that this thesis not just looks to set up the financial effects of facilitating the Olympics, yet in addition to decide how feasible these advantages are later on through a three stage monetary appraisal. As it were the means by which the games can augment the purported inheritance. The test a nyway lies in how to gauge and measure potential compensations of an occasion that has simply occurred. Magnay (2009) maybe offers a clever explanation of this worldview. Magnay (2009) states that in their least difficult structures, financial effects are either substantial or impalpable. Fundamentally this implies the pre-games and games-year stages show obvious substantial advantages, for example, physical foundation, the travel industry, work and buyer spending. On the opposite side falsehood the impalpable advantages or the inheritance, obvious in the life after Olympics. In the post games there is more noteworthy vulnerability specifically for London 2012 as an outcome of the current financial downturn. One of the difficulties experienced in this exploration is the shortage of studies that take a gander at a connection between financial plans and the heritage. On a fundamental level a hypothetical hole with which my paper means to handle, following crafted by Blake (2005), Barton (2004), Gratton and Preuss (2008). This exposition will likewise contribute in no little manner towards supplementing artistic and conventional philosophy on the inheritance, financial effects of Olympic Games. This is with the expectation that this paper could fill in as preparation for additional exploration in the investigation of facilitating worldwide games. In any case, facilitating the Olympics is positively an expensive business; because of this it offers a premise to make a chance to direct such research (Blake, 2005). Furthermore away from the scholastic presentation and taking in encounters got from the examination, this exposition will give an educated knowledge into the picked territory regardi ng study. Section 2: AIMS AND OBJECTIVES Magnay (2010) expressed the LOCOG CEO has recently demonstrated, the games are a central resource for the nation. Because of this announcement there is a need to build up if the games are really resource or a weight. This should be possible by demonstrating in the case of facilitating the Olympics adds up to a more noteworthy financial advantage in contrast with the caused cost from origin through to the inevitable clear up. Furthermore the expositions will examine the variables which legitimize the expansion of the Olympic spending plan during a noteworthy and supported financial downturn. Since the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is the lead advisory group for both summer and winter Olympics, to come to a reasonable end result the point is to utilize measurements and other data identifying with both these varieties of Olympiad as significant wellsprings of adding to the following contention. This is on the grounds that the offering, arranging, association and subsidizing conv entions all follow similar systems, accordingly examinations should be possible with respect to strategy and convention. Anyway what is relevant to call attention to is that any examinations among London and winter Olympics will be constrained to social effects and cost invades. Goals This paper is a chance to introduce a fair-minded view on the London Olympics and the potential effects, while making an educated judgment on it as per the proof introduced. This exposition will raise significant financial, political and social issues encompassing the Olympics and conceivably give further understanding to the accompanying regions. To recognize the nature, attributes and highlights of wearing super occasions, with explicit reference to the London 2012 Olympic Games. To basically survey the writing on cost, effects and advantages of facilitating the Olympics, in the long run prompting a proper end that sums up the breadth and multifaceted nature of the ideas encompassing financial effect of the London 2012 Olympics. To assess the net advantage of the Olympic Spectacle to London from the perspe

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Thanksgiving and a Small Hack

Thanksgiving and a Small Hack We’re approaching the end of the semester with remarkable velocity. There are just two more weeks of school before finals, and all of my classes have already assigned the final pset of the year. Post-Thanksgiving is effectively Christmas, so everybody cue an abrupt switch of music genre. Today I’m just going to ramble about minor happenings this week, starting with Tuesdays 18.02 lecture. Class opened with something rather unusual massive stacks of flyers were being frantically passed from person to person before Professor Minicozzi arrived: Of course, this hack has been executed before, but it is no less impressive to perform it again. We patiently waited through an introduction to Stoke’s Theorem (to which nobody was very attentive, I’m sure), and, at the appointed time, magic happened: Poor Professor Minicozzi didn’t even get to finish the example about surface integrals. Of course, as a hack, nobody knows who was responsible, but it was executed perfectly and was a great way to end the last lecture before break. In other Thanksgiving-related news, Conner 3 had an early Thanksgiving potluck last Sunday. Nearly our entire floor planned, baked, cooked, or at least pretended to, and had an extravagant dinner together in the Porter room, an ancient ex-dining-hall-turned-common-space on the first floor of Burton-Conner (and by first I mean second, because we start our list indices at 0 like real programmers).  The food, company, and conversation were all equally fabulous, and it felt great to have an excuse to break out formal attire.   Open potlucks are generally heavy on unhealthy desserts, so I made sure to break the trend by mixing prodigious amounts of sugar, corn syrup, rice krispies, peanut butter, and chocolate chips into a pan of bars that probably had a higher energy density than weapons-grade plutonium. It also hopefully tasted better, with marginally milder side effects. After the potluck, the leftovers were later stolen and devoured overnight by Conner 2, which will definitely incur some form of retribution. Watch your back, C2. And finally we received our first real snowfall of the year, just in time for Thanksgiving Day. Wednesday’s weather was miserable, with high winds and the worst possible mix of rain and slush, but it allegedly left us a beautiful dusting of snow overnight before promptly melting just when I woke up. Most of my friends are complaining about the outrageously cold weather, but a quick glance at status of my hometown 5 degrees Fahrenheit with 6 inches of snow puts the relatively tropical Boston winter at the top of this year’s list of things to be thankful for. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Be thankful if you’re with your family this weekend; not all of us are so fortunate.

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Strategic Plan Of Coca Cola Business Essay - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 1008 Downloads: 2 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Business Essay Type Narrative essay Did you like this example? Once sufficient information and awareness is gained about the environment Coca Cola is operating in, the next viable thing to do is to decide on a strategic response to adapt the existing strategy or develop a new one. In our case, it is required of us to determine what we would change in the Coca Cola strategy and how we will go about doing that. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Strategic Plan Of Coca Cola Business Essay" essay for you Create order Customers: What we would change: One of the strategies that I would change would be Coca Colas distribution system. It is important for any business to have a personal relationship with their customer- the individual who purchases the product for their own personal use. At the moment the distribution channel that Coca Cola is using is from the manufacturer to the retailer (consumer) and then to the customer. In this channel there is no direct communication with Coca Cola and its customers, and in this way there is no personal interaction between the two parties. Coca Cola could be losing out on a competitive advantage. The customer doesnt know anything more about Coca Cola other than its product that it offers. There is no service involved, nor is there personal leisure or personal satisfaction involved. How: Strategies on how to get directly to the customer is to at least go beyond giving the customer the product. It goes beyond that especially from a customers point of view whereby customers purchase a product when they feel that they are getting value for money. By adapting this strategy Coca Cola could gain more customers, especially the customers who are not only attracted by the product but also the personal experience gained from the business. Another strategy Coca Cola could use would be to have a Coca Cola retail store, and have product development whereby Coke improves its existing products and have other products; this will assist Coke to recognize ways in which they can satisfy their customers. Why: By getting the customer involved makes us aware of the things that they are feeling and what they want from the company as a whole. Having a direct link to the final consumer of the product creates more awareness about some of the consumers of the coca cola product. For example if the company directly hears the complaints of their various consumers they will be able to improve on something immediately. This will make customers feel more connected to the brand. Coca-Cola System: It is evident that Coca Colas business model is driven to maximizing profits and to deliver strong returns from all parties involved- which are the customer, suppliers and consumers. What would we change? In increasing profits, Coca Cola should invest in labour more than capital- this in its operations and this will in turn have a great positive impact to South Africas economy. How: By creating more jobs that is labour intensive, reducing machinery and Coca Cola being more dependent on peoples skills and knowledge which is sustainable. Why: South Africas unemployment rates are high and this can in a small way alleviate poverty in certain instances. By providing and securing more jobs for the citizens of the country help the economy become more stable and this contributes positively to the overall GDP of South Africa. Coca-Cola People (staff) The Coca Cola Company takes note of the value of its associates, they remain focused on making sure that they have the most talented, creative and motivated people throughout the world. What would we change? As much as Coca Cola is looking for staff that is competent, it will be even more advantageous that Coca Cola take individuals and train them into being well equipped individuals. How? By training individuals to the best of their ability. Why? When one person becomes educated and empowered it has an effect on the working capabilities of that person. It is also seen as an encouragement to the other employees, therefore one would want to perform better than the other. Social Environment: What would we change? Coca Cola is doing very well in CSI projects; however one of their major downfalls is that Coke does it at a larger scale. They do not focus on smaller scales such as communities, and on individuals. How? Coke can start by going in communities like the well-known townships and invest in there. It is evident that Coke is found in every corner of every shop in the communities, so the community knows about Coke as a brand and for its product. Aspects that Coca Cola can get into are aspects such as: Education, training, development and sports in the community. Why? This stirs awareness for the company. The company should not only be seen as a million dollar company. It should be seen as one that cares for the people of South Africa or the smaller communities. Coca Cola is advertised and promoted on a huge scale therefore when bursaries and things get given away the most deserving township people do not even know about all these opportunities. This company should take note of the smaller struggles in the country that contribute greatly to the big problems in the country. Health and nutrition What would we change? Coca Cola should accommodate customers that are health conscious. Customers who are not keen in indulging in gas and high sugar level beverages. It would be advantageous for Coca Cola to find a product that will fulfill these customers needs and adapt to what satisfies these customers. How: Coca Cola can capitalize in producing products that are lighter on gas and lower in sugar levels such as juice. In this way Coca Cola wont lose out on customers but will be covering a larger market and take advantage of this opportunity to maximize profits. Why: The world is going green and Coca Cola can contribute to this positively. This will attract more potential customers and will ast as an advantage for the company. Many people in this day and age are health conscious so this would be a great opportunity for the company.

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The Works of Alfred Lord Tennyson - 1526 Words

Alfred Lord Tennyson was the most popular British poet of the Victorian Era. He set a precedent for the rest of his time and times to come. His poetry reflected the moral and intellectual values of his time (World Poets 95). Throughout his own hardships and failures Alfred expressed himself through the character â€Å"Ulysses†. He uses this character to show his feelings of â€Å"going forward and braving the struggle of life† (Ulysses 1). These illustrations used in his poem are events that paralleled with his own life through the death of his friend. He uses these works to voice himself through his poems and even now his works are still used today because he is so influential to every generation. The Victorian Era was growing rapidly along with all of its innovations and people. This Era is when we first begin to see a shift from rural farm life to upbeat urban city life. It begins at beginning of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837 and ends after her death in 1901 (The Victorian Era 1). During her reign are some of the most important and life-changing moments in history for the world. Along will all of these transitions in history Alfred Lord Tennyson are making history by setting his mark on the era of his time. People of this time were seen as optimistic about the future. They all wanted to learn something new or create a modernization. By this time persons could enjoy the comfort and accessibility of the railway system (History in Focus 1). This was a huge step for England in theShow MoreRelated A Study Of The Life And Career Of Lord Alfred Tennyson and Selected Criticisms of His Works1751 Words   |  8 Pages A Study Of The Life And Career Of Lord Alfred Tennyson And Selected Criticism Of His Works nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Whether a person likes or dislikes the works of Lord Alfred Tennyson, most would agree that he was one of the most influential writers of his time period. Tennyson grew up in a wealthy family never wanting for anything. English author often regarded as the chief representative of the Victorian age in poetry. Tennyson succeeded Wordsworth as Poet Laureate in 1850; he was appointedRead MoreThe Victorian Er A Perfect Embodiment Of This Era1257 Words   |  6 Pageschange in poetry that was quite dramatic. One poet who s work contains a perfect embodiment of this era is Alfred, Lord Tennyson. First baron Tennyson was born on August 6, 1809 in Somersby, Tennyshire and died at home in Surrey on October 6, 1892 (Alfred 1). Even though Tennyson grew into an adequate man his upbringings were not lovely. Tennyson s father was a drunk who took out all of his anger on his wife and children (Allen 1). Tennyson began writing poetry with his brother and they publishedRead MoreConcerning His Poems, Alfred Lord Tennyson’S Work Relies1003 Words   |  5 PagesConcerning his poems, Alfred Lord Tennyson’s work relies on an extensive thematic scheme. In Tennyson’s poem, â€Å"The Charge of the Light Brigade†, a number of themes are present including heroism, honor, patriotism, and loyalt y. Put together, Tennyson tells the story of a cavalry brigade facing their destiny head on. Alfred Lord Tennyson’s poem â€Å"The Charge of the Light Brigade† tells the story of a cavalry battle that took place during the Crimean War. The poem begins by throwing the audience directlyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem Charge Of The Light Brigade And Dulce Et Decorum Est Essay1216 Words   |  5 PagesWhile both Alfred Lord Tennyson and Wilfred Owen describe war in great detail in their works â€Å"Charge of the Light Brigade† and â€Å"Dulce Et Decorum Est,† respectively, Tennyson describes the courage and honor of warfare, whereas Owen goes into more detail about the horrors and atrocities that go hand-in-hand with war. Tennyson describes a battle in which 600 bold and courageous men storm a valley, which he refers to as the â€Å"Valley of Death† (line 7), to meet their almost inevitable death. Owen in hisRead MoreEssay on Tennysons Poetry and Views1409 Words   |  6 PagesTennysons Poetry and Views Alfred Lord Tennyson and his works have been an important part of canonical literature for over a century. He is as important as he is because his work is exceptional in many ways. One of these exceptional differences, in my opinion, is the conflicting view of women Tennyson portrays in his poetry, especially his poem Locksley Hall. Tennysons Locksley Hall is, in my opinion, a poem that would benefit greatly from an ideological discussion concerning TennysonsRead MoreVictorian Literature of Quests800 Words   |  3 Pagesquest in his works is Alfred, Lord Tennyson in his pieces â€Å"Ulysses† and â€Å"Crossing the Bar.† Alfred, Lord Tennyson writes about a character yearning to continue journeying around the world in â€Å"Ulysses.† Ulysses, who is also the narrator of the poem, explains that he â€Å"cannot rest from travel† and that he â€Å"will drink life to the lees† (lines 6, 7). Ulysses tells the reader that he has visited numerous different places encountering different people, weather, governments, and the like. Tennyson portraysRead MoreThe Romantic Victorians Essay1707 Words   |  7 Pagesliterary work of the Romantic era because of the various themes that compose it. The â€Å"The Lady of Shallot† by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in the Victorian era is a poem that can portray the society that shaped the era. Both poems share the theme isolation because the main characters in the poem are isolated from others. The Romantics era lasted from the year 1798 to the year 1834 and is an era full of changes. In this era the artists had freedom to express what they felt through their arts of work. ThereforeRead MoreAlfred Lord Tennysons Life Influences on His Work508 Words   |  2 PagesTennyson’s life and work (Biographical life of Tennyson) Alfred Lord Tennyson always had some life meaning behind his poems. He was born in the rural town of Somersby in Lincolnshire, the fourth of twelve children. In 1884, Queen Victoria made Tennyson a baron, and so he became the title of Lord in his time. From the Academy of American Poets website, it is stated that, â€Å"At the age of 41, Tennyson had established himself as the most popular poet of the Victorian era.† Alfred Lord Tennyson life had a hugeRead MoreAlfred, Lord Tennyson and the Meaning of The Change of the Light Brigade1883 Words   |  7 PagesAlfred, Lord Tennyson and the Meaning of â€Å"The Charge of the Light Brigade† â€Å"The Charge of the Light Brigade,† by Alfred, Lord Tennyson, was one of the artists’ most famous poems because it memorialized a failed but valiant attack by the British cavalry during the Crimean war. The poem is an emotional tribute to bravery and gallantry in the face of devastation. It highlights the cavalry’s valor in courageously executing their orders, even despite being outnumbered and brutally defeated. ThroughoutRead MoreAnalysis of Alfred Tennyson ´s Three Poems Essay1169 Words   |  5 PagesAlfred Tennyson, 1st Baron Tennyson of Aldworth and Freshwater is known as one of the greatest poetic figure of the Victorian Age. Tennyson started writing poetry at an early age and at the age of twelve he wrote a 6,000 line poem. His poems consisted of medieval legends, myths, and everyday life and nature. When he was appointed laureate a position he held for 42 years, the longest of any laureate, he wrote about historical events and one of his famous works was Ode on the Death of Duke of Wellington

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Red Dress and Snow White Comparative Free Essays

Fitting in is always an issue in the world of teenage girls and some girls have better outcomes than others. â€Å"Snow White† by Grace Hu is a story about a teenage girl named Mary who is an albino. Mary struggles to be accepted because of her scary white exterior. We will write a custom essay sample on Red Dress and Snow White Comparative or any similar topic only for you Order Now Also she has low self confidence from being teased by her peers. Mary also only has one true friend that begins to drift apart from her. Another story that deals with the issue of acceptance is the story â€Å"Red Dress†. Red Dress† by Alice Munro is a story about a teenage girl entering her first year of high school. She fights to be accepted and decides to go to the school dance with her one friend Lonnie, despite her terrible clothes put together by her crazy mother. Acceptance in â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† is affected by appearance, family influence, and being left out by their one true friend. Both the protagonists in â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† struggle with acceptance based on their appearance. The protagonist in â€Å"Snow White†, Mary, appearance as an albino affects her being accepted.An example of Mary’s appearance affecting her being accepted is when Mary reminisces of how when she was in elementary school kids used to tease her by chanting â€Å"Mary, Mary quite contrary, how’d you get so white and scary†. This shows that kids who didn’t understand her condition chose to tease her instead of tryin g to accept her for herself. Another example of how appearance affected Mary being accepted is when the boy at the party comes dressed up as Mary. The boy and his friend then continue to have more fun at Mary’s expense when the boy asks for a miller lite and his friend quips â€Å"you mean a miller white†.This shows rather than get to know Mary and see that she was a nice person, he and others decided to judge her solely based on her appearance and mock her by painting his face white, and wearing a Mr. Bubble shirt, obviously dressing up as Mary. The protagonist in â€Å"Red Dress† also struggles with acceptance based on her appearance. In â€Å"Red Dress† the protagonist appearance affects her being accepted by her peers. The protagonist appearance in regards to her home made clothes and ill put together outfits. The protagonist shows that she wore these horrible utfits since she was a child not knowing how she would be looked at by people. She talks of how her mother made her these outfits by saying â€Å"She made me, at various times when I was younger, a flowered organdie dress with a high Victorian neckline edged in scratchy lace, with a poke bonnet to match: a Scottish plaid outfit with a velvet jacket and tam: an embroidered peasant blouse worn with a full red skirt and black laced bodice. I had worn these clothes with docility, even pleasure, in the days when I was unaware of the world’s opinion. This shows that the protagonist was judged based on her appearance since she was young, and also without her knowing. Her mother was making her these terrible outfits since she was young and just assumed that they would be deemed acceptable ensembles by her peers, never knowing that these ugly clothes were getting her teased, mocked, and judged. Another example of the protagonist bein g unaccepted by her peers based on her appearance is because she even judges herself based on her looks and has very low self esteem . This shows in the quote â€Å"My head was muffled in velvet. My body exposed in an old cotton school slip. I feel like a great raw lump, clumsy, and goose-pimpled†. As well as the quote â€Å"I must look scared and ugly†. These quotes show that if the protagonist thinks these things of herself then her peers will only think the same. It also could be explained that her low self esteem could be a result of being made fun of for so long based on her appearance. The protagonists in both â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† were not accepted based on their appearance. Family influences affect both the protagonist in â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† being accepted. In â€Å"Snow White† the protagonist’s acceptance is affected based on family influences. An example of Mary’s family influences affecting her is when she talks about how when she was a little girl she caught her mother holding up her school portrait and crying â€Å"My poor, poor, baby it’s all my fault†. This shows that if her own mother does not accept her the way she looks then how can other people be expected to accept her. This also must have hurt her and lowered her self confidence extremely. Hearing her own mother saying such things about her, she can only wonder what other people say about her behind her back.Another example of Mary’s acceptance being affected by her family influences is when she speaks of her mother treating her condition by saying â€Å"I guess it hasn’t helped that my mother has always been overprotective in a way, practically passing out flyers on the subject matter to mothers and curious children on the playground†. This shows that instead of mother not mentioning her condition to any body and treating her like a normal child, she talks about her daughter’s condition openly like she is some sort of freak. If her mother did not talk about her condition and just talked about her characteristics or other things then people would just probably look past her condition more easily and accept her as she is. Instead when her mother talks about her condition it puts the idea in peoples heads that Mary is different from other children and treat her differently. In â€Å"Red Dress† the protagonists’ family influences also affect her being accepted. The protagonists’ in â€Å"Red Dress† family influences affect her being accepted.An example of this is when she speaks on her mother’s grotesque stature by saying â€Å"around the house she wore no corset or stockings, she wore wedge heeled shoes and ankle socks, her legs were marked with lumps of blue/green veins. I found her squatting position shameless, even obscene†. This shows that she is terribly embarrassed by her mother’s appearance. Being embarrassed like this she would most likely be ashamed to invite any new friends over for fear of losing them due to her mothers sometimes disgusting appearance.Because of this she has a disadvantage of making any new close friends because she wouldn’t want to invite them over because of her mother. Another example is when she talks about how her mother is to her one friend Lonnie â€Å"she enraged me talking like this to Lonnie, as if Lonnie was grown up and I was still a child†. This is another reason that she would not want to have friends over because she feels as though her mother puts her down in front of her friends. If she is worried that her mother will belittle her in front of old friends imagine what she would do in front of new friend.The protagonist most likely chooses to avoid this whole problem by not having any new friends over. The protagonist in both â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† acceptance is affected by their family infl uences. Acceptance is affected in â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† because both protagonists are left out by their one true friend. In â€Å"Snow White† the protagonist is ditched by their best friend. An example of Mary and her one true friend, Karen, growing apart is when Mary says â€Å"Basically I only have one friend, Karen. Recently she started dating a rather popular individual and she started eating lunch with him and his friends.This show that well Mary is still remaining an outkast her best friend Karen is starting to move up the popularity ladder and leaving Mary behind. Before Mary had Karen and that was really all she needed friend wise, but now as Karen is eating lunch with her new friends Mary has to resort t eating lunch in the library by herself. Another example is when Karen talks about the fact that she has decided to throw a Halloween party in lieu of her new found popularity. She introduces this idea to Karen by saying â€Å"Listen to this I’m having a party and your coming†.Mary then tries to make up an excuse on why she cannot go by telling Karen she had other plans. She did not have other plans but rather was unsure about going to the party because she was afraid she would be made fun of and would not fit in with Karen’s new friends among the popular crowd. In â€Å"Red Dress† the protagonist one friend also grow apart from each other and outshines her friend. The protagonist in â€Å"Red Dress† is left behind by her one true friend. An example of this is when the protagonist talks about not being picked to dance while her friend Lonnie is chosen, â€Å"boys came over girls went out to dance.Lonnie went. The girl beside me went. Nobody asked me†. This shows that Lonnie is sort of out shining the protagonist by getting asked to dance and leaving her friend alone. Another example is when the protagonist and her new friend Mary Fortune are leaving the dance and the protagonist speaks on Lonnie by saying â€Å"I didn’t look for Lonnie. Lonnie was probably not going to be my friend any more, not as much as before anyway†. This shows that the protagonist now realizes that she and Lonnie are growing apart.It also shows that the protagonist is prepared to move on without her, just as Lonnie left her at the dance earlier in the night. Both protagonist in â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† are both left behind by their one true friend. Appearance, family influence, and being left out by their true friend are all factors that affect the protagonist in the stories â€Å"Snow White† and â€Å"Red Dress† being accepted. The protagonists in both stories are not accepted because of their appearance. From Mary’s albino exterior in â€Å"Snow White† to the protagonist home made horrible outfits in â€Å"Red Dress†.They are also not accepted due to their family influence. Due to Mary’s mother over exulting her daughter’s condition in â€Å"Snow White† or the protagonist mother’s grotesque appearance and insulting ways in â€Å"Red Dress†. Finally they were not accepted due to being left behind by their one true friend. While Karen begins to outshine Mary in â€Å"Snow White† Lonnie and the protagonist start to grow apart in â€Å"Red Dress†. Vincent Van Gogh was once quoted as saying â€Å"I wish they would only take me as I am†. I think that the protagonist in both stories would agree with Mr. Van Gogh on that. How to cite Red Dress and Snow White Comparative, Papers

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Influence Of Organizational Large Structure -

Question: Discuss about the Influence Of Organizational Large Structure. Answer: Motivation is of utmost importance for the smooth functioning of any and every business organization. Motivation is one of the most difficult areas to work upon and it is also the unavoidable needs of all the organizations. The managers have to motivate themselves first and then try to motivate their employees (Kihara, Karanja Kennedy, 2016). The three related frameworks that can be used are motivation, empowerment and employee engagement. The managers need to realize that every employee is different and their needs also differ from each other a great deal. It is because of this reason that the employee motivation becomes a tough factor. A manager often conducts meetings to interact with the employees and know their varied interests (Katja, 2018). Motivation is obviously self-driven but the managers need to interact personally with all the employees. It is in the meetings that he can make the employees speak up. This will make the manager adjust his own conduct as per the needs of t he employees. He has to make out which employee is in need of tangible rewards like incentives or promotions and which employee is in need of intangible rewards like some moral support and respect. A manager will have to make out what might be the probable reaction of the employees to different situations and rewards the strength and weakness of the employees. A manager will have to adjust his behavior to adjust to his employees. Designing and organizing are needed in each and every organization for making the work easier and quicker. There are many departments in an organization that needs to be broken down and then organized. The departments must be set up as per their needs, goals and time requirement. Departmentalization is of utmost importance for making the work easier. There are mainly 5 common departments that each company must have Functional Departmentalization, Product Departmentalization, Process Departmentalization, Customer Departmentalization, and Geographical Departmentalization Time orientation Tasks like paper processing will need much less time and skill as compared to the other works. Goal Orientation The organizations sharing a common goal will also have to perform different kinds of tasks at different points of time. Different personnel in different departments will have to perform differently. Interpersonal orientation This is mainly the result of the understanding and the kind of interaction present among the employees. Thus, in order to make the operations and the function the business organizations easy and faster, departmentalization is of utmost importance. Managing Execution And Driving For Results Using Power Ethically And Effectively A proper execution is needed in each and every organization for the getting the expected results. Execution does not merely refer to the tactics that might be used by a company for managing its work properly. The process of execution can be done properly by following 3 vital processes: the people process, the operation process, and the strategy process. The strategy process mainly helps in answering the questions of what will be the correct strategy, how to execute the strategy, are the employees skilled enough to execute the strategies in a proper way. The execution can be carried on properly only if there is a proper connection between the people, the operations, and the strategies. Time management is the key to the proper execution of the operations. Achieving the desired outcomes will become easier if the execution of work is done properly (Davies et al., 2017). Usage of power is also necessary for the work organizations. However people have to see that they are not taking the undue advantage of their power rather than dominating or abusing their employees, an ethical leader will use the tools of persuasion. The managers can often suffer from ethical dilemmas, especially in case of dismissing an employee. So, they must not misuse their power. Rather they must be flexible and open and then try to judge the matter from an unbiased viewpoint (Quinn, 2016). The employees, on the other hand, must also maintain their ethical responsibilities. Effective networking has to be used for the overall benefit of the employees. References Davies, E. L., Conroy, D., Winstock, A. R., Ferris, J. (2017). Motivations for reducing alcohol consumption: An international survey exploring experiences that may lead to a change in drinking habits.Addictive behaviors,75, 40-46. Katja, K. (2018).Ethical Leadership. [ebook] pp.32-39. Available at: [Accessed 24 Jan. 2018]. Kihara, A., Karanja, P., Kennedy, O. (2016). Influence of Organizational Structure on Performance of Large Manufacturing Firms in Kenya.European Journal of Business Management. Vol 2 (11). 15,29. Quinn, J. J. (2016).Critical Evaluation and Recommendations for Establishing a Culture Enabling Big Data Opportunities at a Global Pharmaceutical Company. Wilmington University (Delaware).